!!! THANK YOU !!!

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We thank all dancers, adjudicators, guests and helping hands for making this championships happen!!!

Angelina & Dörte

Competition rules specified

Together with the DVET the dances of the “General Look” at the German Championships 2018 were determined:
Ballroom: Quickstep
Latin: Jive

For your optimal preparation for the competition and for a smooth check-in we recommend the updated page “Competition rules”. There you will find all the information about the tournament.

Looking for dance partner?

You would like to compete at the DM (or any other nice Equality tournament), but do not have a dance partner? We have to change that! Although we do not have a special DM dance partner exchange, we have these two tips for you:

Our friends of pinkballroom berlin have set up a dance partner exchange on their website, which of course not only works for Berlin and the surrounding area, but (as we have been assured) may also be used for inquiries worldwide:


Also, there is the Facebook group “Tanzpartner gesucht!” in which both mixed-gender and Equality dancers take one’s chance:

We keep our fingers crossed and look forward to seeing you and your dance partner on the dance floor!

Gala ball with fabulous live band

The Gala Ball of this year’s German Championships: A glittering ball night with DM 18+ finals and live music by Conny Kollet and the alphaband – presenting their high-end dance music.

At our Gala Ball on the second day of the tournament all 18+ finals will take place and the alphaband with their wonderful bandleader Conny Kollet and musicians will provide a classy ball atmosphere. Ball guests and finalists can look forward to an evening with dance music full of esprit and passion.

And when the first orchestral sounds lure the audience onto the dance floor, the live band’s unique ball flair will show its full effect, moving guests’ legs to international Ballroom and Latin music, Salsa, Foxtrot, Bossa Nova or Swing.

Conny Kollet and her musicians inspire and charm with quality, best mood and perfect timing. Thanks to the charisma, vocal power and enthusiasm of Conny Kollet and her alphaband, the Gala Ball will be a unique experience for guests and tournament dancers.

Music in perfection, thrilling entertainment at the highest level – we look forward to the Gala Ball together with you. So be our guests and: Let’s Dance!

Link for a sound clip: www.alphaband.de/musik.html