We warmly welcome all visitors and supporters of equality dancing.
All tickets for the German Championships 2024 are available at the box office.

Galaball Tickets

Please remember to pre-order your ball tickets in good time. As soon as they are sold out, we will not be able to allocate any more tickets. Secure your place at the ball and enjoy an unforgettable evening with us.
Pre-order ball tickets: e-mail to

Price overview


1 day visitor ticket (day event Saturday or Sunday)15 Euro
2 days visitor ticket (day events Saturday and Sunday)25 Euro
Ticket for the Galaball on Sunday25 Euro
Combined ticket for both competition days and Galaball45 Euro
Buffet at the Galaball on Sunday30 Euro
Brunch on Monday (club building TTC Rot-Gold Köln)5 Euro

Are you looking for a present that will make your loved ones really happy? Then why not surprise them with a tournament or ball ticket for the German Championships 2024! Just send an email to!