Competition Rules

The Tournament Rules for Equality Dance Competitions of the DVET (German Association for Equality Dance Sports registered association) incl. the current annex apply to the course of events during the open German Championships. The rules and regulations are available on the DVET homepage in the download section (only available in German).

Important Information for Showdance Couples and Showdance Groups:
This March, the above Tournament Rules for Equality Dance Competitions of the DVET were extended by Rule No. 12, affecting all showdance couples and groups. Rule No. 12 is a transfer of the “ESSDA Showdance Guidelines” into German. For all other couples of the classical couple’s dance nothing was changed. The adjudicators will receive a special instruction.

Dances of the “General Look” at the German Championships 2018 in both age groups and for men’s and women’s competitions are:
Ballroom: Quickstep
Latin: Jive

In all finals closed marking will apply.

The A-finalists of both age groups will be asked to do a brief presentation dance at the beginning of the finale. The dance may be chosen individually from the five dances of the respective section and must be communicated to the tournament management immediately after the announcement of the finalists. The choice of music is up to the organizer. The presentation dance is not part of the rating. (Note: scored solo dances are not provided.)

A warm request from the whole Orga team of the German Championships:
For a better planning of the whole event, we ask all tournament participants for early registration for the competition. The official tournament registration deadline is Saturday, May 12, 2018. Afterwards, start entries are possible, but will not be considered for the printed start list.
At check-in, please have ready EUR 5.00 deposit for the competition number.
Senior couples are requested to provide a proof of their date of birth by a document such as ID, driver’s license, etc. at check-in.
A request to all German participants: For a smooth check-in, please bring your already completed and signed “couples’ declaration”. In order to be included in the rating for the title “German Champions 2018”, each couple must submit a completed and signed couples’ declaration for the German Championships 2018. Both partners must have signed by the start of the tournament. In the event of reasonable doubt on the correctness of the information, the tournament management reserves the right to demand proof (also afterwards).