!!! THANK YOU !!!

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We thank all dancers, adjudicators, guests and helping hands for making this championships happen!!!

Angelina & Dörte

Lead swap at the German Championchips 2018

DVET completes strategy change in the action “Save the lead swap!”

No obligation to change leadership at the DM 2018!

Of course, those who would like to present a change of leadership as part of the dances for the A-finals at the DM 2018 on a purely voluntary basis, are welcome to do so and will certainly be rewarded with a great round of applause.

Detailed information is available on the homepage of the DVET or here!

Catering on Sunday

Where can I have dinner between tournament and ball?

Make your dinner the culinary highlight of the day: we have a catering organized by “Kai’s Restaurant”. During the break between tournament and ball, you can sit in the TTC at a rich buffet. While you strengthen yourself at the buffet, we use the time for the conversion from the tournament venue to the ballroom.

Please make your reservation here: Catering for the ball

Looking for dance partner?

You would like to compete at the DM (or any other nice Equality tournament), but do not have a dance partner? We have to change that! Although we do not have a special DM dance partner exchange, we have these two tips for you:

Our friends of pinkballroom berlin have set up a dance partner exchange on their website, which of course not only works for Berlin and the surrounding area, but (as we have been assured) may also be used for inquiries worldwide:


Also, there is the Facebook group “Tanzpartner gesucht!” in which both mixed-gender and Equality dancers take one’s chance:

We keep our fingers crossed and look forward to seeing you and your dance partner on the dance floor!