Colourful personalities in equally colourful and glittering dresses, hot rhythms, glamor, discipline, harmony, team spirit, enthusiasm. As guests, you will enjoy all of this at the DM. Enjoy a wonderful time with us and many dancers accompanied by lots of music and good mood. Let yourself be carried away with tingling rumba, romantic waltz and breathtaking quickstep.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: “A (dance) ball – also a ball, is a festive social dance event, for a mostly selected audience. In the past, the dance ball was an important element of the marriage market for the upper classes of society. Young women first appeared on debutante balls as adult, marriageable individuals. Today, balls serve, among other things, the purpose of seeing and being seen.” So our ball should be just the ticket for you! Enjoy a wonderful evening with dancing to live music and be there when the German Champions are determined in Equality Dancing in 2018.


We really would like to have breakfast with you, if breakfast didn’t mean to get up early. We would also like to have lunch with you, but that would be too late for us. That’s why we want to brunch with you. This way, we can have breakfast and even lunch together. And all in one meal! Brilliant! We’re looking forward to it!

So, on Pentecost Monday, May 21st 2018 as of 10:00 h, please join us at

Auf dem Berlich 3-5
50667 Köln

City tour

Cologne is the most beautiful city in the world. We are not only the Cologne Cathedral, carnival and the 1st FC Cologne (football club) – even if our heart is very much attached to the three – we are also a bit bizarre and peculiar. We would like to show you the a little different side of Cologne: Prince Bismarck on a church facade, a winged car, meanwhile made to a work of art or the oldest toilet of Cologne are just a few highlights of our colorful home. We look forward to your registrations. The city tour will start on Pentecost Monday, May 21st, 2018 after brunch..